Crunchified Burger

Ever since I saw Claire Robinson eating Bobby Flay’s “Crunchified Burger” on TV, I just can’t get it off my foodie mind. I have to make it and taste it! At that time I didn’t even know Bobby has a burger place in NJ called Bobby’s Burger Palace and that crunchified burger specie is on the menu. A handful of potato chips are included in assembling the burger hence the term “crunchified”. I’ve been holding my craving and excitement with the plan to make my own version over the weekend. I will make a big batch of patties and bring some burgers to work for my friends to sample. But my resolve weakened when I went to Albertson’s last night and passed by the meat section and saw all the burger patties. I was suddenly craving for that “crunchified burger”. I have to make some for dinner. This is merely a preview to the real thing so I only made four patties. I got potato burger buns, a bag of lightly salted potato chips and Italian salad greens (romaine lettuce and radicchio). I just seasoned my patties with Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Preparation was really simple as it involves lightly toasting the potato buns before spreading a little honey mustard on the bun then top with lettuce and radicchio.
Then I added some more honey mustard to dress up the salad greensTop with a handful of potato chipsAnd finally nestled the meat patty on top. What a gorgeous sight and then I realized I didn’t have sliced American cheese so I just sliced medium cheddar, top with the other slice of the potato bun, give the sandwich a little smack on top to make it thinner for my hungry mouth. OMG, nothing beats the first bite when you have something so good! I used to love only Fatburger but now this crunchified burger appears to be a threat to Fatburger in the burger corner of my heart. Now I'm wondering- how crunchified beef burger tastes considering the fact that turkey meat has the tendency to be dry and bland but this one tastes really good. I have to find out soon!


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