Backyard dinner

I thought the weekend will be over without anything exciting happening in the kitchen. It finally cooled down so we decided to bring The Boiling Crab home again- make our own Cajun Shrimp with Sausage and Corn and bring it to our backyard for dinner. I wish we have crawfish but we can’t find it in the market- maybe not in season. Some people actually prefer shrimp because they’re meatier but there’s something exciting about peeling the crawfish and sucking on its succulent juice. Maybe we’ll have it next time.

I finally got tired of root beer float so we made use of our fruits and made patbingsu (shaved ice with fruits and condensed milk) for dessert. I also found a can of red beans with tapioca pearls and added them into my serving. I guess the heat and all the activity took its toll and I didn't bother to make my patbingsu in my trifle dish for effect. We all just want something cold to refresh us.
We had semi-home made strawberry lemonade (Country Time instant lemonade which we dressed up with fresh strawberries which I cooked in simple syrup). Only much later did I notice that the strawberries sunk to the bottom. I have to find out next time how to keep them afloat.


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