(Pacifier) Pasta and Seafood Mix in Marinara Sauce

I’ve learned so much about food and cooking by watching Food Network. My mom taught me a lot as well but I must admit FN took me to places I’ve never been to when it comes to food and cooking. But it has its downside too- because the food they prepare looks so inviting and delicious that makes me wonder how they taste and ends up craving for them. And with craving comes the desire to try my hand on the recipe. That’s what happened when I watched an episode of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. It was actually the owner or Rao’s, who challenged him to a throwdown featuring the Feast of Seven Fishes. Rao’s prepared this pasta with clams and lobster in red sauce that has been haunting me for almost two weeks already. I already included the dish for my Christmas menu but sometimes I feel like I can’t wait for Christmas to cook it. Tonight is no different but I don’t have my ingredients yet. But I have to pacify this nagging craving for now although this doesn’t even come close to what I intend to cook for Christmas. I found a bag of seafood mix in the freezer intended for some soup so I sautéed garlic and sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and butter then added the seafood mix and chili flakes. I removed the seafood from the pan when the shrimps turned bright pink and the calamari rings and scallops turned opaque lest I overcook them. In the same pan, I added marinara sauce, a little salt and pepper and a little sugar to balance the acidity. I simmered it for ten minutes then I put back the seafood mix to the sauce and let it simmer for an additional two minutes before I added grated mozzarella cheese. Then I tossed the spaghetti which I cooked al dente, served it with grated parmesan cheese so this should be enough to calm me till I get the chance to cook the real thing.


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