Chicken curry upgrade

I learned how to cook chicken curry from my mom. We use simple ingredients like onion, garlic, curry powder, fish sauce, white vinegar, cracked black pepper, salt, chili powder and coconut milk. The meat is marinated in fish sauce, white vinegar, curry powder, pepper and chili then browned on all sides, add the onion and garlic and the coconut milk last. For years I stuck to the same ingredients but as I mature and learn more about spices, I must say my chicken curry has become even more flavorful. I think that’s the secret to better cooking- taking that extra step and not being afraid to veer away from the traditional way. So I added more spices to my original ingredients because I have so much left when I made my chicken biryani. This time I did not use white vinegar but added ginger root, cardamom pods, coriander and turmeric to my marinade. Just the aroma coming out of my kitchen while I was browning the meat was heavenly. This is a real upgrade to my chicken curry which has its loyal patrons to begin with. I bet this will make them my chicken curry fans for life :-)<3 em="">


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