It's December!

Yes it is ... and I’m doing two countdowns- one for the day when my oppa Ji Cheol is officially back from military service and for Christmas. The weather is much colder now and I love it. I thought I’d welcome the month with a bang by cooking or baking something different but lately, we’ve been going out to eat- most of the time to our favorite Korean restaurant. Maybe it’s the cold weather that makes me crave for soon dubu (tofu stew) all the time and yet, we always end up with a bowl of pat bingsu. But with the coming holidays, this should change because I can already foresee myself baking and cooking the usual holiday treats.

December for me is the busiest month in the kitchen for us who love to cook and also the most difficult month for people who need to constantly watch their diet because there is so much food and so many parties to attend. I always plan to make baskets of treats for Christmas which I could give away as gifts but I just haven’t. Hopefully, this year will be different :-)


  1. Hello Faye! the soon tofu looks really good! i miss eating it at BCD! oh yea, i was wondering if you had a pat bingsoo recipe? cause i tried to make it last time but i don't really know what the milk substance is (is it condensed or evaporated milk)? thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Michelle! It is really good- that's why I'm so addicted to it lol... I may have to start making my own but I need to get my ceramic pot pot first.

    For my pat bingsoo, I use condensed milk and add some regular yogurt too. And depending on availability, I use more fruits like peaches and mangoes in addition to bananas, kiwi and strawberries.

    I use a medium size glass bowl which I half fill with shaved ice then I spread my yogurt on top. Then I add more shaved ice and shape it like a dome. Then I assemble the fruits on the side, the sweet red beans on the second layer and top it with more fruits before I pour the condensed milk. There goes my pat bingsoo.


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