Joining the French macaron bandwagon …. seriously!

Weatherman didn’t fail in his predictions- it’s a wet weekend and it would be so nice to just curl in bed but I was in absentia for the most part of the week in the kitchen, I had to make up for it. So today, I did the sequel to the French macarons I made last week. They’re much better this time, feet and all and the texture is just awesome. I wish Myss Blewm could taste some. I should have made the rest in pink and yellow but it was late when it came to my mind, I already dropped the blue vegetable food color in the batter. Next time maybe?


  1. There is place in Istanbul-Kadıköy they make macarons and after your post I am going to go there and buy some :) Buyin it easier than making it :)

  2. I know :-)... pretty much what I would do if I have a real bad case of craving and then when sated comes the urge to try and make it... that's what happens to me all the time ha ha ha ha ha ha....


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