Miscarried kitchen plans and H1N1 vaccine

The above is not the title of the post I envisioned it to be. It was supposed to be a follow up to the French Macarons – try to make some variations to show I’m serious about it and I wanted to make pasta and seafood in marinara sauce. But last Friday, I had my H1N1 vaccine and I started feeling sick while I was at the grocery store. Yeah, just like when I had my flu shot I had this reaction that made me nauseous and I had fever- I just had to stay in bed and all my plans went pfftt. I dozed on and off while the Lakers were battling against the Heat but I didn’t miss Derek’s and Kobe’s treys…. I wanted to make purple and gold macarons in celebration. But I was still in bed the whole day yesterday- nursing a fever and some body aches. I guess I should say better luck next weekend :-)


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