Homeboys lost anew....chocolate cookies to the rescue!

I’ve been really busy in the kitchen even after Christmas. Tonight’s no different from the previous nights. It seems like we never run out of surprise guests so I have to do quick fixes because they just pop in from out of the blue. Thank God for pasta and cheeses and all the sauces I learned to make through the years. So our guests had an early dinner and left shortly after….. huh…. Eat and split …lol.. .. But in a way, I was relieved because the Lakers are playing against the Suns. Little did I know last night is not going to be a happy one just like Christmas day because they lost again. I think I should change my phone’s skin and bring back my Kobe one. I was feeling down so I just made some outrageous chocolate cookies from Martha Stewart’s recipe. Chewy, soft and loaded with chocolate chunks.... ahh....chocolate does comfort you!


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