Yay, Friday!

Despite the downcast weather, let me say Thank God it's Friday! I know I’m late again, as usual. I’m going through some lazy-to-blog phase or something because I can’t seem to finish my posts. But I have to do this or I’ll be buried in unfinished posts soon. To continue my account on our "Baked Goodies for Fun Project"-Lola came with a box of cookies last Wednesday. The pink colored box tells it all- even as she wrote Done by Dolores on top of the box. What more can I say? Store bought or home-made; who cares? At least she didn’t come empty handed and our co-workers enjoyed the cookies.

Yesterday is Claudia’s day. She came with white chocolate chip and semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies which she baked herself using store-bought cookie dough. I was applauding when she came with her pyrex dishes on her arms and she said "don't clap yet, there's nothing special here" or whatever it was she mumbled laughingly. Well, Lola and Claudia are not as passionate about baking or cooking as I am but so we're not really expecting more than they can deliver. All in the spirit of fun!
Our guest participant is another story because he bakes and he really did a good job with his Pumpkin Bread with Ginger and Walnuts. Soft, just sweet enough and the ginger is not overpowering at all; in fact, you hardly taste it although you know it's there. I also love the dark brown color of the loaf.

Today, we had a sumptuous Thai lunch provided by the company. We had combination Phad Thai, Mongolian Beef, Chicken Barbecue and fried bananas for dessert. What a way to end the week. I'm hoping to be inspired to cook over the weekend and even more inspired to blog.


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