Sticky toffee pudding thoughts… early in the morning

I should do another project and I will entitle it “The Best Thing I Ever Ate Project”. Your guess is right- I will try to reconstruct some of my favorites that were already featured on the show. So far, I’ve done BLD’s Blueberry-Ricotta Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Crunchified Burgers. Hmm…. Is it a coincidence that Claire Robinson appeared in those two episodes? And then I saw her again in another one which continues to haunt me and will do so until the day I finally make my own version. Sticky toffee pudding! It looked so delicious and now that I started thinking about it again- it even inspired me to write a little poem at 2:27 in the morning. Here goes...

Sticky toffee pudding
It’s you that I’ve been dreaming
From the day that you were shown
On tv and to let it be known
A dangerously delicious dish
So sinfully luscious does exist
My lonely heart it will please
And fill it with such sweet bliss
And the genius who concocted this
Meeting him is all I wish
To serve me this sticky pudding
And satiate my foodie longing

Ah, even without having to meet that person, I will not be denied and it’s a promise!


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