Back to good old home cooking

I’m glad the rain finally stopped. Not that I’m going anywhere. It was straight home from work for me and I thought I’d just do some homey stuff in the kitchen. I'm still on cleansing mode but I have to cook for my family. I had a long day though and I'm just not up for a kitchen adventure. Beans and beef sautéed with garlic in canola oil, a little oyster sauce and soy sauce for my first entrée- just like that but so tasty. We love our beans half done and crunchy in bright green color. That takes a little extra effort but worth it. Blanching the green beans in lightly salted water then rinsing them in ice cold water before mixing with the meat does it.
The main course is skinless chicken thighs which I cooked adobo style. I used my favorite smoky paprika (I can't not have this one in my kitchen)lots of garlic, bay leaves, balsamic vinegar, sambal oelek for that extra kick, a little salt and soy sauce. And the rice is cooked in safron infused broth. Hmm... I didn't forget dessert but forgot to take pictures. Just plantains cooked in brown sugar and maple. Simple dishes with lots of home flavors-who wants to dine out when good things can come straight from your own kitchen?


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