Pandan Chiffon Cake

I may not have a smooth top but this chiffon cake can't be ignored! It is tender and light and the pandan flavor just blends well with the coconut milk. I had to double the amount of the pandan essence because I still can't find pandan paste in stores that I go to. I have to tweak the recipe to make this cake better and expect me to make a pandan angel food cake soon.

Oh, and btw, green is go and my homeboys took game one at Staples against Utah for the second round of the playoffs. Go Lakers!


  1. looks like it turned out great. I'm sure it tastes great too! How many eggs did you use?

    My mother is obsessed with making pandan chiffon cake. If it ain't tall enough, she'll make another one that is perfect. haha

  2. I used 8 eggs but I think one reason why it didn't come out tall was my coconut milk. I used the powder one and just diluted it with water. I am going to tweak it a little to make it taller. But it tastes really good and the texture is perfect.

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