Game night at home

It was a real busy and exciting Saturday for me. I went to an Asian market in the morning and bought new flavorings and added some to my old stash. I was so happy to find what I need for my tres leches dream and then some more. I should send some to Michelle so she can try them too. Anyway, I chanced on fresh tuna, squid, halibut and salmon bellies too. Perfect ingredients for dinner on basketball game night as we are hosting it for friends and relatives. It was game six last night between LA and Phoenix and the plan was to wrap it up and our guys did it!

Basketball, just like boxing is always a great way for hanging out. I cooked “ginataang laing” which is dried taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and pork. It is a very popular Filipino dish which I learned to cook from a former co-worker. It is eaten with rice and fish or meat would be great with it although it has pork in it already. Sometimes I would add shrimps as well.

I have pork spare ribs which I cooked adobo style with paprika, lots of garlic, soy sauce, chili flakes, spiced vinegar and olive oil.

I cooked the fresh tuna chunks in olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, red chili flakes and green onions leaving some for grilling next time.

I also made chocolate whole wheat banana muffins which I initially planned as cupcakes but I was so busy, I took the shorter route to make them. These muffins are not sweet and since I used whole wheat flour and ripe bananas, they are rich in fiber and health friendly- which is not a big hit among my guests ha ha ha ha... they like sinful food.

And to finish off the dinner, I made ube-langka angel food cake to represent the purple and gold Lakers colors using the new food flavorings I bought from the Asian market.
The cake was gone too fast although it was not a pretty cake. The frosting was uneven and I admit, I didn’t make enough for the huge cake. But it was delicious and it tasted of real ube.

The dinner was a success and of course, the Lakers won. I can’t believe I was able to finish four bottles of water in the last five minutes of the game.


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