Orange-Chocolate Angel Food Cake

We have so much egg whites left from making leche flan over the week end. In fact I have more than enough to make cakes for a bake sale. And when talking about egg whites, three things come to mind almost automatically. Angel Food cake, Brazo de Mercedes and Canonigo. I decided to make something colorful so I mixed yellow and red vegetable food colors and came up with a bright orange color. I have made an orange-chocolate pound cake in the past with orange peels and chocolate ganache glaze. Why not an angel food cake with dark chocolate like Black and White Angel Food Cake from Ina Garten's recipe which I made a while back. So I prepared everything and it was going smooth but when it was time to chop my dark chocolate, I realized all I have is bittersweet chocolate with almonds. Oh well, I can’t back out anymore so I just went ahead and chopped my chocolate nuts included. My cake is inside the oven when I wondered what is going to happen to the nuts- will they sink to the bottom because I did not sprinkle flour into it. Anyway, the cake came out fine, and this morning before I left for work, I decided to make chocolate glaze at the last minute. The cake is for my friends at work. They're a spoiled lot huh? It didn't last long which is expected because it's not that big a cake with so many of them sharing it. One of them teased me about the color which is the color of Phoenix Suns' uniform ha ha ha ha... He said, "come on, admit it, you made a mistake when mixing your food colors, shouldn't it be purple and gold"? I was like, dude, I'm reserving those colors for when we get another cookie in June- hopefully! So expect more angel food cakes from me if I won't be able to make something else out of my egg whites.


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