I Love Cheese!

I love you since forever
Lavishly a part of my kitchen
On any given day
Vain and a food snob
Echoes what's on my mind
Cheese for the foodies
Heaven sent I think
Elevating my dishes
Eating is such bliss

Is cheese a basic necessity or just a luxury? I think it depends on the kind of cheese that we are talking about. Because there are just so many- and they are available to fit all our needs. There are expensive ones and affordable ones as well which can be nice alternatives if we are on a budget. I love to snack on Havarti or longhorn cheese with grapes; I love cheese on my salads- whether it’s fruit, veggie or pasta. I can’t imagine pasta without cheese and it is a must add-on to my sandwiches. Cream cheese and Neufchatel cheese are my favorite frosting/filling ingredients when I bake and there is just so much you can do with it to come up with a variety of flavors by simply mixing food extracts and flavorings. I would also go through that phase of eating string cheese over blueberry bagel micro waved just till soft and I would eat that for days every meal. I use five kinds of cheese on my lasagna- ricotta, cream cheese, quick melt and cheddar cheese. I love cheddar cheese wrapped in wontons then deep-fried is a long time favorite dipped in ketchup and mayo. Ah, the list is endless and it’s so amazing how I grew up thinking cheese is only for sandwiches, macaroni and fruit salad. Now I’m learning more about cheese and how to incorporate a particular kind with the stuff I’m making in the kitchen- whether on a stellar or supporting role. I just think cheese and the appropriate type can make food more delicious and eating more enjoyable.


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