Something chocolaty…. something orangey …

Orange and chocolate - it is perhaps one of the better chocolate and something combination when it comes to desserts. The richness of chocolate ganache drizzled over a moist pound cake bursting with the citrusy flavor of fresh oranges has been lingering in my mind for a couple of days already. I’m just waiting for the best time to make it and today, I’m off so my dessert plan came to fruition. I adapted the recipe from here with changes here and there as usual and after eating a huge slab of the sinful concoction, I am ready to share it with my co-workers tomorrow. By the way, the candied orange peels I used to garnish the cake made it even better.


  1. GOD GİRL what is wrong wit you? LOL :) Why you have to make me drool any time I visit this blog. And it is almost 5 am here. You are mean and talendet woman :)

  2. Girl, you should start learning to cook now since I can't Fedex any of my creations to Turkey lol....


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