On baking mode for Christmas continuation ... at last

Failing to finish my post that night- i deemed it right to just do another post to sum up what i did then. I forgot that I baked tres leches cake and some Christmas French macarons. Yes, in green and red. I can only dabble with colors coz' you know I'm kinda busy and don't have much time to do something more fancy.

I couldn't find nice berries to use for my toppings so I decided to make it in chocolate espresso flavor with coffee grains steeped in the milk bath to give it more coffee flavor. I also added coffee granules to the whipped topping which is heavy cream, confectioner's sugar and a little mascarpone cheese. Too bad, the cake is for a friend so I don't have a picture of it when it was served.


  1. To me you are not a cooker. You are an artist. Merry Christmas :)I hope that I can learn from you on new year.

  2. Wow! That's a really "generous" compliment! I'm humbled to be honest about it- but thanks a lot and I do hope too that you could learn something from me- from my meager capabilities. I hope you had a merry Christmas as well.


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