Honey bunches of oats treats

This damn allergy is giving me a hard time. Not only the continuous sneezing but my eyes are watery as well. It’s the time of the year again when I’m more susceptible to colds and cough. I’m glad I had my H1N1 vaccine- it gives me more confidence about my health that it can’t be any serious. Anyway, the Lakers played tonight and won although they did a lot of catching up and it was still not their brand of basketball. Something’s still missing but a win is a win no matter what. I just made this treat as a little celebration but I don’t really feel like cooking. Honey bunches of oats instead of rice krispies mixed with melted butter, marshmallows and dark chocolate. I normally use corn flakes in this recipe but I don’t have any. Suddenly I feel like milk and my outrageous chocolate cookies ...fickle.... I hope to cook something tomorrow if i feel better...


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