My kind of "turon"

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant and were surprised they have that classic banana dessert/snack of the Philippines called “turon” in their dessert menu. It’s simply called fried bananas with Kahlua ice cream- but just like turon, it is bananas sliced vertically and wrapped in wonton wrapper with chocolate chips stuffed in it as well. Then it is served with a drizzle of raspberry sauce and Kahlua ice cream on the side. It is really fancy but a little too sweet for me and my friends. I have a nice recipe for turon that everyone loves and if you are tired of making them with jack fruit or just plain brown sugar, this is an awesome version and my friends prefer my “turon” this way.

You will need:
ripe burro bananas sliced
wonton wrappers
vegetable or canola oil for deep frying
granulated sugar
cream cheese

Halve bananas lengthwise
Sprinkle sugar in the middle of wonton wrapper
Place a slice of banana on top
Top the banana with a tablespoon of cream cheese; spread it
Sprinkle with some more sugar
Fold the sides and then roll
Deep fry in oil till light golden brown
Place cooked turon in a strainer to drain off excess oil


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