My honey erased my Friday game woes away and other rambling

10:00 am
It wasn't a TGIF feeling last night because my team lost to the Nuggets. Obviously tired from their Phoenix game the other night- I'm not going to diss my homeboys. Plus I got to see epi 11 of YB... ahhh my honey's awesome! I can almost forget the loss last night and just move on and do my kitchen stuff today and tomorrow. I have to go grocery shopping though coz' I need a lot of stuff .... later.....:-)

2:30 pm
Just got home and finished all my errands. We had lunch at a favorite Korean restaurant and had fruit and red bean bingsu at the yogurt place next door.

Tonight is boxing night so everybody's pumped up and excited to watch Pacman against Cotto. I'm not a boxing fan so I am just supporting Manny in spirit :-) ... I just can't stand watching people bloody, bruised and beat up. So I'm just gonna hide in my room and wait for the outcome lol...


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