Another birthday feast at work

A colleague is celebrating his birthday today- yes, Friday the 13th and he cannot escape the tradition started by my other crazy co-workers - the celebrant to bring food for everybody. And so food was in abundance but I just concentrated on a grilled tilapia which I topped with a mountain of bitter melon salad.

I baked a cake for him – tres leches with cheesecake pudding and fresh mango bits toppings. I also brought another cake which they ate for breakfast- the repeat of my raspberry cream filled sponge cake. So the rolled cake will happen over the weekend. I wanted to bake something else but that would mean I have to stay longer in the kitchen and I just can’s coz’ it’s game night for my Lakers and even with those two simple cakes, I was like “OMG, let these cakes finish already” ... lol...


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