Hungry Woman In Paris

That’s not me… I wish I am because that would mean I am in or I’ve been to Paris and I want to talk about what could be an incredible journey. It still remains in my To Do List or Places to Visit List or maybe one of my fondest dreams ever since I saw Lovers in Paris. By the way, it is the title of a KDrama that was suggested by a friend and even let me borrow her DVD set so I can watch it. It introduced me to Korean Drama and started my fascination over Paris. It was even heightened by my constant watching of Food Network shows and finding out that most of the chefs went to culinary schools in Paris. I want to be there if only to experience the Parisian air and smell all the wonderful aromas wafting from the bake shops that even my friends who’ve been there told me about.

Oh, and I just realized the short sentence has stretched to a full paragraph ha ha ha ha totally forgetting about the title of my post. It is the title of my friend’s book which I couldn’t finish reading- to think it only has 265 pages and a total of 271 including the glossary of the Spanish and French words used in it. It is a novel written by Josefina Lopez which she even signed this way… I have to skip my friend’s name to protect her privacy ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, I had to bring my car to the dealer for an oil change today, so I got the chance to finish the book, finally- while having my tuna salad and crackers breakfast at the customer lounge. I am not going to attempt to do a review on the book but I must say it’s a good read and somehow gave me some insights on what life in culinary school in Paris is and what you have to endure to finish the course... and so much more. Well, it’s always difficult no matter what field it is- but it will all boil down to how much you want it that makes you achieve it. Interesting novel and it made me wonder how it could have been if it was me who wrote the book if I have experiences as rich as hers. What a brave and courageous woman Canela is and her life in Paris goes beyond culinary school and it was funny, enlightening and sensitive at the same time. But I think if parents could read this- they will have jitters when they hear their daughter ask permission to live in Paris... alone. Well, aren't they always? It doesn't have to be Paris - anywhere far from their sight is danger land for their kids ... lol...


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