Korean Fried Chicken

Call it a reprise; an encore; repeat- whatever but I just have to make this again. This time with more of my favorite part- the wings! I know it's not that meaty- with very little flesh in the drumette but I'm sure I'm not alone in my fetish for this chicken part.
You would think that the mixture of potato starch, sweet rice flour and all-purpose flour plus the egg makes the batter heavy and thick but no. There's no double dipping in batter involved here or double coating of dry ingredients. The coating is actually very minimal. Just enough to give the chicken that delicious crunch outside.
Even after each piece is coated with the delicious sauce which is spicy, lightly tangy with a hint of honey, it retains its crunch.
So finger-lickinglicious!
They serve it with soju in Korea and regarded as an appetizer. It is my dinner tonight and to clean my palate-  sweet pomegranate from my favorite Korean market. I've read that it's good for the heart and is full of antioxidants. Somehow, it gives me hope I'd be cleansed after this sinful dinner :-)


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