Plum & Baby Brie Crostata

Late post but I sure documented this other crostata I made the weekend I made my German pancakes. What a busy weekend it was that I just wasn't able to finish all my drafts. Anyway, I found really nice and firm plums and right away, my thoughts wandered off to the baby brie bites I have in the fridge. It will be another delicious combination along with brown sugar.

So I used the following ingredients:

6-7 pieces plum
1/2 cup light brown sugar plus more for sprinkling the filling
2 pieces baby brie cheese
2 tbsp old fashioned oats
sugar crystals

For the procedure:

I did not cook the plums instead I just washed, patted dry and cored the plums and just sliced them thinly
Then I rolled out my homemade crust and sprinkled brown sugar on it
Then I arranged the plum slices nicely atop the dough leaving just about an inch border
As you can see, it didn't end up like an inch border but no worries, it will all work out fine
See? It's because the dough is pliable and you can still gently move the filling a bit to make it even. I sprinkled the filling with more brown sugar and the old fashioned oats to act as thickener. The final act is sprinkling sugar crystals on the crust. They look like mini diamonds (or sea salt) stuck on the sides ha ha.
Then of course, not to forget the baby brie bites which I cut in six small pieces before topping the crostata. Then off to the preheated oven (350 degrees F) where it was baked for 35 minutes.

I was lucky to chance upon these sweet plums or the crostata would be bland since I opted not to cook it in sugar before using. It is a perfect balance of the sweet, the tart and the creamy.
Want a slice?


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