My very own fig tree

It’ is quite unusual that I haven’t talked about this baby when I’ve had it for almost three weeks now. It is my second attempt at raising my own fruit tree- the first one a mango that died after a month. Since then I just limited myself to herbs and the lone non-edible plant that surprisingly thrived and survived- my bromeliad. In fact it has a new home now after the first bloom courtesy of Jen. You may say "big deal" but it is for me who never had plants or planted anything of my own.

So now, I've become more ambitious trying to raise a fig tree because I want to enjoy some fruits next year from our own backyard. Why fig? Well, it’s easy to grow and there are so many things I can make out of it and with it aside from eating the fruit itself. I love it best with fresh mozza , some fruity olive oil and just fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt although it’s just as yummy filling a galette or made into jam. I am so looking forward my very own fig gelato next summer.

If you'll look closely, you'll see little fruits already- well, they came with the plant. I wish I started with seeds or some roots and it has grown like this. But thank God you can buy fruit trees this tall already. I'm keeping my fingers crossed- let it live and flourish with lots of sweet fruits- I swear I am so going to share the wealth!


  1. Well hellow my dear friend, I knew i had the info stuffed somewhere I found it, and now I will comment on your post.

  2. Finally! Welcome back and make sure to memorize it now lol


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