French Butter Cookies: A Dream Project

I love butter cookies. It is perhaps the first cookie I learned to love. I remember almost finishing (unconsciously) a whole tin can while watching TV. But it’s not the kind of love that makes me dream of it or crave for it or gush over it. Serve me some and the love will resurface and I’ll eat them knowing how it tastes. Somehow I got accustomed to eating it during the Christmas holidays when we get cans after cans of Danish butter cookies as presents.

Until K introduced me to La Mere Poulard Gourmet Sables or French butter cookies. How can a cookie with only few ingredients evoke so many flavor sensations in my mouth? It says it has almost a pound of Brittany butter (25%)in each tin can- no wonder I was smitten the moment I opened the little plastic pouch and was welcomed with the sweet and buttery aroma which triggered my food sensors and made my mouth water.

Dang these Frenchies are really the best! Those butter cookies are the best that ever landed in my mouth. Crumbly, yummy and melts in my mouth. Unfortunately, K got only one tin can (which she regretted) I could have bought from her is she had an extra can. But I consider myself blessed to have three packages even as I wanted more. And I want more!

I could order online from Amazon or wait for another Epicure Imports warehouse sale but that will take time. In such situation, the best alternative is to make my own. I know it's not going to be exactly the same but something close that will satisfy me. There's also this curiosity if I can recreate or at least copy these addictive little butter cookies. To accomplish that, I know I need French butter and good if not the best pure vanilla I can get my hands on. These two are crucial ingredients and what makes French butter cookies special.

And as I think about it, the craving starts. It is the beginning of a new love affair.


  1. Ha I found someone parsing those, they are pricey, very pricey for such a simple thing, but then again they are perfect, all natural, nobody skimped on proper ingredients. They are like home made cookies in taste and smell. That's very rare for packaged store product. They set a very high bar for store brought cookies, even for some bakeries.


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