Grilled Cheese Waffle Sandwich

How does that sound? 
Two pieces of waffles filled with cheese then grilled? Not quite! It is actually two slices of honey wheat bread slathered with softened unsalted butter and filled with slices of Pepper Jack cheese.
I wanted a grilled cheese panini but couldn't find our panini maker. I don't want to do it on the stove top and I glanced at my waffle maker and boom ... why not? Just place the prepared sandwich in the center of the waffle maker, put down the lid and let the waffle maker do the rest!
Whoa! A square waffle out of a round Belgian waffle maker! Magical ha ha ha ...
And the taste is equally magical... gooey...
toasty on the right spots....
It made me think .... do I still need my panini maker?


  1. Neighbor... I thought about getting a panini maker but discovered that I can make panini without having to purchase another equipment that will take up more space in my already cramped kitchen...hehehe. I use a grill pan and a cast-iron pan with cast-iron trivets to weigh it down :) works like a charm. The waffle maker works as well :)

  2. I gave up trying to organize my gadgets in the kitchen. And I realized too that I have a couple with almost the same functions but with some extra use not present in the other so I really need all of them and that means overcrowded kitchen ha ha ha i.e. blender, food processor and magic bullet etc. I think I should retire some items to have more room :0


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