Coconut Panna Cotta with Litchi Gelée Part 1

I was ecstatic when K birthday-gifted me with litchi jelly mix (along with coconut and green tea flavors) just when I’m been dreaming of coconut-litchi combo and the gift gave me the chance to turn the dream into reality. Yes, the quest for more panna cotta flavor combinations and variations is still on.

What I dreamt of is layers of silky and luscious coconut panna cotta with litchi gelée in between and then topped with litchi fruit. Initially I thought I’d add young coconut bits too but maybe I’ll do that next time. Come to think of it, I've been using so much coconut lately.

Anyway, I was not sure how potent the powder mix is so I used the juice from the canned fruit as well to be sure I'll get more litchi flavor. I don’t really trust the instructions on packaged whatever. More often than not, they’re off so nothing beats actual real time experience aka trial and error.
This exercise is more for my own consumption and satisfaction so as usual, there was little or no regard for visual effect. But I can say it was really delicious. I love litchi- can't you tell by the thickness of my gelée? It is the perfect flavor tandem for me. Creamy coconut that melts in my mouth and ending with a burst of freshness from the litchi. Who cares about presentation? At that time, I didn't intend to present it to anyone but me ha ha ha.

Watch out for part 2 with the recipe and more!


  1. You bet! But trust me, it's even better with coconut panna cotta!


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