Turkey Congee with Roasted Garlic

This is the final installment from the leftover turkey from Thursday. Not that there's a lot left. I just don't want to waste all the delicious flavors in the bones (with some meat left) and what is the best way to take advantage of the flavor wealth but to use the bones as soup base. I used half of it yesterday for noodle soup. I did not bother take pictures because I did the same soup last year. Today I made congee for breakfast. This is almost the same as the arroz con pollo that I normally make except that this one does not involve sautéing the ginger, scallions and garlic.

The first step is to boil the turkey bones in water (about four gallons) with thinly sliced ginger (about 3 inches) two teaspoons cracked black pepper and a little salt. I gradually added salt because the turkey is already well seasoned.Skim off the froth and discard.

Next step is to scoop the bones, allow to cool and remove the remaining meat using two forks if still hot to handle. Set aside the meat.

After simmering for about fifteen minutes on medium low heat, pour stock into a strainer into another pot or bowl to remove unwanted solids (I had chopped apple stuffing in the cavity and there are some left in the stock and tiny bones as well which I want to get rid of).

Pour the stock back to a clean pot including the bones and the ginger slices which I fished from the lot and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, prepare/wash the rice with tap water. I prefer Cal Rose medium grain rice because of its texture. Add the rice when the stock starts to boil and stir constantly. My mom said doing so makes congee more delicious. And always have boiling water or stock on stand-by in case the congee becomes too thick. Never ever add room temp water.

Add chopped scallions or spring onions when the rice is cooked.

Remove all the bones and taste if it needs more seasoning. Serve with roasted garlic and the reserved meat as toppings with a dash of sesame oil.


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