Look, my babies are home!

After so many weeks under Jenn's care, my herb planters are home. I got my very much coveted thyme and mint with two types of basil, lemon verbena and lemon balm. Lemon balm and lemon verbena are new to me but judging from their aroma, I’m already excited to use them. I want to try using lemon verbena to perfume my sugar like vanilla bean does. It will be a nice topping for muffins and coffee cakes. I think the lemon balm will be a nice component in marinades because it is so lemony. They smell so incredibly fresh and delicious. But more than their value in the kitchen, I wanna try my hand in caring for them after my success with my basil. I will soon find out if it's just a fluke or maybe I'll get lucky again. That basil plant didn't make it home but it was put to good use and look at all these. They more than make up for my basil plant.

Next week, these babies will be joined by Thai basil and already, my mind is brimming with ideas for my upcoming menus. As usual, stay tuned.


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