Boston Cream Angel Cake

Last night, I was watching an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate over Food Network which featured the popular Boston Cream Cake of Omni Parker House. Beau MacMillan really caught my attention and made my mouth water the way he described the cake. They can all make you drool actually- those celebrities and their food finds. Right away, I thought about making my own but with angel food cake as the base instead of regular sponge cake. I have egg whites sitting in the fridge enough to make two huge angel food cakes. What a nice way to put my stash into use, right? I even made my filling more health-friendly by using whole eggs instead of yolks and for the ganache frosting; I used bittersweet chocolate sans confectioner’s sugar. The result is just yummy goodness and it reminded me of the Black and White Angel Food Cake I made in the past. This is an angel food cake dressed to the nines with cream filling and chocolate ganache frosting.
For dinner, I baked a rack of pork ribs which I refrigerated overnight after massaging it with my dry spice rub which is a mixture of paprika, salt and pepper, cayenne pepper, onion powder, brown sugar and garlic powder. Then I baked it in an aluminum foil-sealed roasting pan at 375 degrees for two hours. The final step is brushing the ribs with honey barbecue sauce mixed with spicy ketchup, baked for an additional ten minutes just to allow the sauce to adhere to he ribs.

Creamed corn is a very nice accompaniment to this dish- a very easy to make side dish. All you have to do is melt butter in a sauce pan, add some flour and add heavy cream to make a roux. Add the corn kernels, a pinch of salt and sugar. Adding turmeric gives the corn a bright yellow color and makes the dish even more tasty.


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