And my blog is one year old!

I wish I had time to do a little anniversary cake for my blog but time has become a luxury that I cannot afford lately. And since there was a request for me to make Lamingtons, I decided to turn it into a double layer cake and have it as my blog birthday cake too. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

I also made my first ever mole tonight. I've come to love the dish because of my friends at work. One would bring some which her mom cooks so efficiently that I literally beg my friend to tell her mom to cook some for me. But of course such request can't be granted all the time so why don't I cook it myself? I also love my other friend's version (sadly, she doesn't work there anymore) which her boyfriend cooks. She laughs when she sees me scraping off the sauce with banana. It really tastes so good that I can just eat it with a Chiquita. Mole comes in different flavors but I prefer the savory one. I don't like it sweet so the one I made isn't and it turned out okay. It’s tender, with the right kick and chocolaty. I saved some to bring to work tomorrow and the cake is resting in the freezer. Gosh I am tired so let me continue tomorrow and with more pictures.

To be continued ...

As promised, a couple more pictures of my Lamington cake. It was gone too fast without even reaching that texture that I want it to be. The base is sponge cake but because it has not thawed completely when I sliced it, it had a pound cake-like texture. Had I left it sitting in my car till lunch time, it could have been softer and the chocolate ganache frosting would be glossy. Do I sound like whining about it? I should be happy they finished it.

The Chicken Mole according to my friends is good. There was even review in terms of spiciness- some like it hot; some sought the aid of H2O but gave it thumbs up anyway. Actually, I had to add more chipotle peppers because the people at home wanted me to. They felt it was lacking in heat and so I did add two pieces of those hot thingies at the last minute.

Frankly speaking, I satisfied myself more than anyone. I even ate some more for snack and with rice which is something rare as I rarely eat rice. I would like to make it again but with more chilies and using chocolate sparingly next time.


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