Happy Monday!

I can’t resist taking pictures of these roses. A pretty sight on a beautiful Monday! I think we’re in for another hot day but thank God for the genius who invented air conditioning! :-)Spending eight hours at work in a cool office will save me ha ha ha.
It feels good being able to have a good weekend rest- lots of sleep and long hours of KDrama marathon (the lead star's soooooo cute!) That explains why I didn’t post anything over the weekend. I did cook some but nothing new and worth posting. I cooked beef which has no name but it turned out really tasty; and burro bananas which I cooked with jackfruit, sugar and vanilla and served with shaved ice, milk and puffed rice crispies. That confirms that summer is really here.

Watch out for more cold treats from my kitchen. No promises here but I will make up for my absence.
Aww... it's going to be really hot in the kitchen though :-(


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