Back into the groove and hopefully for good

I really planned to spend the weekend cooking and baking because

a) I have so much stuff in the fridge waiting to be used;
b) I miss the kitchen and taking photos of my food;
c) I’d like to keep whatever momentum I got from the cinnamon streusel muffins I made the other night;
d) People are already clamoring for food from my kitchen

So I started by making a simple salad using baby spinach, yellow nectarines, roasted sunflower seeds and balsamic dressing. This may be served with grilled chicken or shrimps but I felt like eating fish so I pan fried a salmon fillet which I seasoned with salt and pepper and massaged with horseradish cream.

I just love the combination of salmon and the salad. It is a mixture of sweet and tangy from the yellow nectarines and the balsamic vinegar which complements the baby spinach sprinkled and sprinkled with tasty roasted sunflower seeds; the perfect match for salmon which melts in your mouth like butter.

I also made cheese ravioli in mushroom-marinara sauce and served it with fresh French bread which I sliced and pan toasted in unsalted butter. Oh no, I didn't make the ravioli from scratch. I don't have a pasta maker yet if you noticed, it's still on my Wish List (ahem.... I think someone told me that wish is already granted ha ha )

And finally, I made my turon with cream cheese. Dang, I almost forgot my bananas again. I'm glad they're still good for this delectable snack.

Finally, I certainly did not make this but I sliced it- this super sweet and well chilled watermelon- so perfect for summer.


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