The cupcake that never was

It’s getting to be a bad habit of mine to take a nap after taking a shower as soon as I get home every day from work. Sometimes I’d wake up at midnight with a bad craving for some particular food and the other night, it was cupcakes. All I needed is a single cupcake, a chocolate one with chocolate and hazelnut ganache filling and frosting. But it was too late to even think about baking. I managed to sleep it off but there was a carry-over the next day as the craving continued to hound me the whole day. I have to make some and end my suffering. I couldn't wait to be home so I could deal with it. I had my ingredients ready and knew that I should be enjoying one moist, chocolaty and decadent cupcake in thirty minutes. But after preparing the batter, a sudden feeling of laziness enveloped me and I found myself grabbing two round pans and divided the batter in two instead. I ended up with a two-layered cake but moist, chocolaty and decadent just the same. Chocolate cake never tasted that good. I even showered the top with candy sprinkles for color. Now it’s weekend- who knows I might do cupcakes anyway- even without the craving.


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