Toxic end of the month affects the kitchen

This is my final attempt to do this but watching my homeboys play and going through overtime to take care of the Thunder sapped whatever’s left of my energy to cook something for dinner. Thankfully they won although it was nervous time when LO missed his free throws which could have been their insurance if he had made at least one…WTF? Said he, not me lol…

It’s the 3rd of November but the end of the month blues stretches to the whole first week where I need to submit all my reports at work. I would love something nice to eat while watching the game but I had to watch the game first and cook dinner later. Maybe a steak sandwich will do ... depends on my mood after shower... It's 8:10 pm for the record ... will be back ....

BTW... these are green tea mochi balls with red bean filling- to appease my

9:50 p.m.

I guess my homeboys' "W" gave me a little strength to grill my clod steaks for my kimchi and white rice. I just marinated the meat in lemon juice, salt and pepper, a little soy sauce and a little olive oil- if you can call it marinate :-)


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