The kitchen takes a backseat to ... guess what?

Oh yes, I didn't venture there yesterday because I did a "You're Beautiful" marathon. I felt so guilty that I haven't gone past the second episode like I'm not supporting my honey's latest project. So my eyes were glued on my pc the whole day yesterday till midnight and now done with all ten episodes and couldn't wait for the next. I just realized how much I missed my honey.... aww... so cute and his voice is enough to melt me... how long has it been since Beethoven Virus? I think I’ll be no different from the rest who are going crazy over this new Kdrama- just re-watch all the episodes till the latest comes out.

But we have to eat though so I just cooked chicken macaroni soup and made bisquik cake with cream cheese. I used chicken meat, celery, onion, carrots, salt, pepper, chicken broth, shell macaroni, toasted bacon and evaporated milk for the soup. For the cake, I used bisquik flour, baking powder, sugar, butter, milk and cream cheese.

I also got rid of my egg whites in the fridge and made angel food cake which I filled and topped with fresh mango slices and mango whipped cream. It's not that pretty but it's delicious!

One would think it's not totally abandoning the kitchen but I had bigger plans during the week- some Indian dish and even bought a fresh pack of saffron thinking I maybe paying TF homage again and do his ultimate paella. Well, there's always another weekend :-)


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