Absent here but not necessarily from the kitchen

I just realized I’ve been slacking here again- oh but not in the kitchen. Blame it to this and that distraction …ok, I’ve been doing KDrama marathons, that’s why ha ha ha ha ha…. So right after cooking or baking, it’s back to my computer chair. Is that tantamount to being a couch potato? lol... but we gotta eat too! And why can't I have the best of both worlds, feasting my eyes on my honey (and discovering another awesome drama which I am hooked on now as well ...lol)and feasting on the food I make ha ha ha ha ha....

Oh well, just for the record, I made these during the week :-)

chocolate sheet cake

red velvet cookie sandwiches

egg sponge cupcakes

kimchi fried rice

chicken stew

corned beef spaghetti

I actually made the kimchi fried rice and chicken stew today and next in line is butter chicken which I've been planning to make for the longest. Fortunately, I've seen all the latest episodes of the Kdramas I'm watching so I can now try the dish which I am cooking for the first time.

More later....


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