Not a happy Monday and sidetracked again

First, I expect a traffic ticket in the mail soon because I got caught by the camera … I think… I don’t mind being mistaken though coz’ that’s almost $500 altogether!

Aww that brings memories of my first ticket two years ago. That was pricey so I’ve been good on the road but yesterday, it was a combination of myself not really focused and was distracted by the cop in front of me.

He was driving at a snail’s pace and now thinking about it- he might have done that deliberately so I’d get caught in the middle when the light changed. But then, if I was concentrating, I could have stopped… but on yellow? And there was a van behind me so close…

Ahhh… I just hope I wasn’t caught on the camera…. But I saw flashes of light - and I saw the guy in the van still behind me .... could it be him?

So I kept thinking and grieving about it the whole day- but coming home hungry and tired –I sought solace in the kitchen as usual… we got to eat

So dinner is baked macaroni and cheese

and I made chocolate-hazelnut cake roll

now back to my KDrama ... That’s comforting ... somehow :-)


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