We're three years old!

Another late post and why I was totally remiss still befuddles me. This blog just turned 3 last August 30 and I forgot about it. In the past, I would be talking about it weeks before the actual date and kind of ramble about the year that passed and what I’ve accomplished so far. Anyway, it’s not too late so I can do a belated 3rd year anniversary post.

619 posts to date plus a dozen drafts; 128 followers- I must say I could do more on the posting department but I’m still humbled that I have people who read my blog. Hopefully, I can continue to be inspiring enough or interesting at the very least to make it worth your time. You’re still a very quiet audience but I respect your silence and I do appreciate your quiet presence.

Looking back made me realize that I still have so much to learn and share although I have accomplished quite a bit and accumulated some long-coveted kitchen gadgets like my new Kitchen Aid ice cream maker; a Waring-Pro waffle maker; tart cutters; cake donut molds; donut cutter; new Madeleine molds; rice molds; a new crepe pan; freezer jars; a silicone whisk; mini Jell-O molds; a mini burger press masquerading as obanyaki pan; etc. –it goes from high end to the cheapest, toy-like gadgets but very useful and dear to me.

It is sheer joy being able to do my frozen treat series – ice cream, granita, fruit pops, sorbet, sherbet and gelato; ecstatic over my Liege waffles thanks to Ronnie for the waffle maker and Lola for the Belgian pearl sugar; my cake donut assortments; Mille crepe cakes; my first homemade butter – thanks to Manang. My mouth still waters as I think of the mantou I made a while back and the coconut cake that gets a lot of love whenever I serve it. I know I’m missing some other creations but these are the ones that stand out among the lot.

I hope to be able to post better pictures as I work my way to my 4th anniversary and maybe delve into more foreign cuisines that I’ve been thinking of but have not tried.

Here's to a more exciting year filled with good eats, kitchen fun and sharing- and hopefully more comments and feedback from you.


  1. Happy 3rd anniversary!! What a milestone!! I am so happy to be part of your food journey....... as a quality control taste tester and student! I love you!!

  2. Continue on my dear, please! We are only silent because we are wiping the drool off our computer screens. Your passion for making beautiful things is amazing and I admire your dedication to your blog. I've seen it blossom from the very beginning into what it is now and I know you'll only keep adding more bells and whistles. One suggestion/request...can you make a Lane Cake? Here's the recipe/video from Cook's Country tv show.


    Yes, yes I know it's very decadent and super sweet like Paul Deen stuff, but it just looks beautiful and it has whiskey in it. Just a request if you'd like to pay tribute to the good 'ol south ya'll. :) I'll buy the ingredients that you need...it just looks too complicated for me to attempt and my hubby doesn't want to embark on this monstrosity. Love you

  3. Thank you! The feeling is definitely mutual- It's such a trip to share ideas and food with people who are as passionate about it as myself.

  4. @j_crosdale ... That's an equally sweet (like the cake you're requesting)mouthful of a message- I'm touched much. No problem with the cake- I have all the ingredients in my pantry and your wish shall be granted :-)


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