Black Sesame Gelato

I could have done this last weekend but it was blasting hot and humid I didn’t want to do anything that will aggravate the situation. Ah the room is heavenly and I had the chance to start on a new KDrama.

I always say I only have until the 21st to wrap up my frozen treat series as that’s the day summer officially ends. I guess I will extend it because the hot weather is not conducive to my kitchen activities.

I feel bad that it took me this long to use the toasted black sesame seeds K gave me because all I have to do is tell her I need this, need that ingredient and she’ll go out of her way to get it for me. I think I’m a willing victim of my own laziness and inability to focus or prioritize the tasks at hand. The mind will be brimming with ideas and then plans are made; ingredients are prepared but somehow I’d get stalled during the execution stage. But I’m a firm believer of the cliché that everything happens for a reason and vice versa- there’s also a reason why it didn’t happen as planned. Whatever it is, I made a firm decision to make it tonight. In fact I started working on it as soon as I got home from work

I chose the gelato way over regular American ice-cream because I want it to have a dense and bold flavor. I know I'd be losing some if I churn it like regular ice-cream. I love the aroma from the toasted sesame seeds which perfumed our kitchen while being processed in my Magic Bullet. BTW, I love this gadget! To think I've had the set as a birthday present many years ago and never used it. The other day, I ran out of caster sugar and I just poured a couple of cups in it, plugged it on and presto- I got caster sugar in a flash. Duh, that's why it's called Magic Bullet! Anyway, back to my gelato. I only made a small batch, I think the smallest ever- about three cups whole milk and heavy cream altogether plus the egg yolks and sugar that should be a little less than four cups.

It was a wise decision though- that was quick and beautiful. It is so delicious- nutty, creamy, not overly sweet, perfect for my palate! Here's how I made it

Black Sesame Gelato

1 cup whole milk
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup toasted black sesame seeds
1 cup heavy cream
1 half and half
4 large egg yolks (I used 6 medium ones)

Process/grind the sesame seeds in a Magic Bullet or coffee grinder
Whisk together milk, sugar and ground black sesame seeds in a saucepan over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.

In a separate bowl, lightly beat egg yolks. Temper the milk and sesame mixture into the egg yolks, first pouring a teaspoon of the mixture into the eggs while whisking then then add another; continue whisking until the eggs have been tempered. Stir well. That is really tedious and you could still mess it up and cook the eggs so I suggest you put the bowl over a bowl of iced water during the tempering process

Add the cream and set over medium heat. Stir constantly, making sure to carefully scrape the bottom of the saucepan with a heatproof spatula to minimize clumps. Continue stirring until it thickens and a thin layer coats the back of your wooden spoon.

Remove from heat and pour into a fine strainer to get rid of the seeds and lumps. Allow to cool then transfer to a glass container and set in the fridge to cool completely and to allow the flavors to develop.
I cheated tonight and blast chilled the mixture in the freezer for an hour just so I can churn it right away

Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and churn on low until you reach a soft serve consistency. Transfer to a lidded container and freeze for a couple of hours if you prefer it firmer which I do but-------

I love it soft serve tonight ....


  1. what is 1 half and half ??

  2. Half and half is actually a combination of light cream and whole milk and you can find it in the dairy section of grocery or convenience stores.

    1. Thanks very much ... Im looking forward to trying this recipe :)


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