This is another Japanese delicacy which is also very popular in Taiwan- pretty much like taiyaki but this one is cooked in a round mold. Pancake batter is poured on all four cavities- about half full to give room to the filling then when they're half done, the unfilled ones are released to put on top of the filled ones hence a pancake sandwich is made. Just like dorayaki but in a mold. And while I was looking at our shelves with all our cooking utensils, I saw our mini burger press and it just dawned on me- I could use it for obanyaki!

I already made a big bowl of sweet red beans earlier so all I need to do is make the batter which is a breeze.

Someone "whispered" match tea batter in my ear and I can only acquiesce. Besides, matcha tea and red beans just go well together- even the colors complement each other.

I used my matcha tea dorayaki recipe for the batter.
It was a real easy process except for the cooking part. This is one exercise which is done in a slow mode so I have to move the pan back and forth over low fire-slow and low.

I have to be honest- it wasn't smooth sailing as the first batch is a semi fail; because I put too much of everything. Too much batter and too much filling!

So it was difficult to release/scoop from the cavities :-(

The cooking process took longer and a not-so-pretty result!:-(

So adjustment was made and there was improvement! :-)

With better results! :-)

I still want a real obanyaki mold! And yes--- with Hello Kitty face :-)


  1. hi faye

    i have been reading your blog for a long time, this is the first time that i am posting a comment on your page. i find your recipes very original and creative and you don't just limit yourself to a certain kind of cuisine. it has always been a pleasure to read your food blog. keep up the good work!

  2. That's so sweet of you! Thanks for all the kind words. That inspires me all the more to be better.


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