Chocolate Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Mousse Filling

Peanut butter and banana- isn’t that a nice combo?

I love snacking on it rather than spreading the peanut butter on a slice of bread. But I don’t like spotty bananas even as they say they are sweetest when they reach that stage. Such is perfect for a cake where its taste and sweetness is prominent even if you mix it with other ingredients.

The thing with bananas is they reach that stage so fast so buying a lot if not intended for quick consumption is not advisable for me. Still, I sometimes forget and tend to get more than needed just because it is on sale.

So when the bananas become spotty, it’s time to bake. And the timing is perfect because I have to bake B’s birthday cake. I posted in the past how easy he is to please; munches on peanut butter sandwich almost every morning; eats the same boring brown rice with chicken whenever I see him eating (which is very seldom) but bake him an old fashioned chocolate cake on his birthday and he’s happy. I just feel it’s nice to make something special for him on his special day since he hardly eats. I don’t want to make the usual chiffon cake that he loves-instead I incorporated the peanut butter aspect to the cake with my ripe bananas. There, two birds in one stone.

So I made him a chocolate banana cake with peanut butter mousse filling and a dark chocolate ganache frosting. This is like revisiting the chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling I made in the past albeit more flavorful because of the banana factor.

He was happy but declined the Happy Birthday candles- he just wants to eat his cake. He had a big slab and the first slice of course and shared the rest with our co-workers. The cake may not be pretty but they loved it.


  1. I feel so fortunate I enjoyed a big piece! Don't be jealous but it was just so delicious!!!!!!!! Thanks F!!


  2. And I feel happy that you guys enjoyed it- and you're most welcome!


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