I love weekends!

Weekends are awesome! I get to do more personal stuff especially in the kitchen. It is also when I discover new products when I do my grocery shopping.

Look what I found!

Just imagine creamy cheddar cheese with dark chocolate curls- I'm digging it! It's not like Nutella and cream cheese. It's a whole different concoction from Trader Joe's and I tried it with whole grain crackers- delicioso!

Just because they are cute .... and food related! Cool wind up toys in the clearance section at Joanne's- soda pop, milk, ice cream and a little crab.

Duff's lollipop sprinkles and cute cupcake liners

And the biggest surprise of all - one of my wishes is finally granted by another fairy godmother!

Cake donut mold! I know there are only six cavities and just one pan but I'm happy! That just made my weekend. Can't wait for our stash of baking ingredients in the mail. Me and K shopped online yesterday and went a little crazy. She actually uttered "there's no turning back" ha ha ha....


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