Mántóu: mission accomplished

It is the day of realization of almost a week-long mántóu dream. The sudden interest came about when it was posted @SKitchen. Those are pretty green and white mantou rolls. So these are steamed rolls which can either be filled or just plain rolls to eat with savory dishes or dish. I planned on making mine with red bean filling and pandan as well. But when I was ready to try and make it, the site seemed to be down and I didn’t bookmark the poster’s blog site to check her recipe.

I had to search somewhere else and I found something that really made my mouth water. Just regular mántóu but fried right after steaming then dipped in condensed milk. OH EM GEE! I just have to make it. And I found another recipe which is very simple and promises mántóu that never goes hard or chewy even when cold. So all that’s left is to execute because I already found a recipe that will enable me to eat it soonest!

With no regard for the aesthetic, I just went about with the task like I was on a mission. I made unevenly shaped and cut mantou thinking I don’t need any fancy shapes; I just want texture and taste. I will delve into beauty and uniformity next time when I have calmed down and my sudden craving is sated.

And then came the tasting part. I was tingling with excitement as I broke one piece in half. Oh the texture is what I hoped it would be- so tender and when I dipped it in condensed milk- alleluia! My mouth was euphoric. I should just cut/make/shape them into small rectangular chunks next time so there will be no creases or folds when I eat them. But altogether, it is so delicious.

For the filled ones, I used the lechon meat we have from a birthday party which I just shredded and slathered with my special sauce. Lazy I just did three – no need to make so many buns because this is only experimental.

But wow! This is almost the same as the siopao I used to make but I have forgotten how to- I mean, the measurements of flour and yeast. So this will be my standard recipe for steamed buns from here on! Mántóu mission: accomplished!


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