Green tea, weird fruits, a new coach and corn pudding

I'm on green tea mode and I love it. Not because I'm giving up ginger tea. It's just that there are times when I don't have time to peel, slice and brew a cup every morning. This is easier to prepare and with lots of health benefits. Let's see how long the love affair will last though.

I've seen two yolks in one egg many times before but not strawberries joined like this. This was among the bunch I used to make my fruit salad over the weekend.

Or these cherries. I find them cute although they can be considered freaks. Don't they look like ... but uneven? Never mind- they taste insanely sweet!

The NBA Finals starts today and I can't help but feel a little sadness inside. My homeboys should be playing tonight and competing for its second 3peat if they didn't fall short and got swept. But on a positive note, the new Lakers coach was introduced via a press conference today and here's hoping for an excellent and productive leadership from him during his tenure.

I made Maja Maiz again after ages. It was so spur-of-the-moment but I was fortunate that I have all the ingredients in the pantry. Taste-wise, it passed. That's exactly how I want it to be. Creamy, with lots of corn and a hint of pure vanilla. But I made a little blunder when I added some more corn and didn't add more cornstarch. I was imagining little squares topped with crunchy toasted coconut but the result? It became like Jell-O pudding so I changed its name to Corn Pudding. Next time will be perfect- you can bet on it!


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