Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup

Where else will I get the inspiration but from The Best Thing I Ever Ate and this time featuring my homeboy/fave chef TF aka Tyler Florence.

Oh yeah, grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup from Muir Woods Trading Company Cafe. I actually drooled just watching TF raving about it. Normally, I would try to duplicate a dish that catches my fancy from the program but I am not equipped and able to make the soup from scratch- not tonight. But I will not be denied and thanks to Trader Joe's for the organic creamy tomato soup which I nuked then added grated mozz and curly parsley. There you go!

The sandwich is not really grilled but pan toasted. Another find from TJ's artisan bread shelf called Roasted Garlic Asiago Pain Rustique which I halved, spread some honey mustard on one side and the Munster cheese on the other. Hmm ... yum ...

Panera has a pretty nice version of this combo but who needs it tonight? This is just as good and satisfying.


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