Still pigging out as the long weekend is almost over

We're not totally leaving the sea or lake as a source of our food this weekend. The menu for dinner was grilled fish (golden pompano and tilapia, pinakbet and a special salsa made with tomatoes, red onion, green mango and cilantro. But it was so windy for grilling outside so I decided to bake the fish instead.

I think baking the fish is a sure-fire way to succulent, non-charred product as they cook away in their natural juices. I prepared the tomato-onion stuffing seasoned with cracked black pepper, sea salt and olive oil. The lemon slices and spring onion brings more flavor and freshness to the fish. I must admit I could finish a big, well seasoned and nicely cooked tilapia.

The salsa is simply chopped tomatoes, red onion, green mango and cilantro. I thought of grilling some eggplant so I could turn this into salad but remembered the wind outside. So much for salad!

Pinakbet is a medley of fresh vegetables like squash, string beans, okra, eggplant and bitter melon cooked with pork and shrimp pate or bagoong alamang. It just pairs perfectly with fish.

That's pretty much how the fish crumbled in our house on the eve of Memorial Day. We will always remember it as part of our Long Fat Weekend.


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