Kitchen slave

I can never stop cooking or I'll probably die. I just didn’t have time for the usual pictures and blogging of course. Partly I was busy at work; so much going on there too. I was sort of emotionally drained and just didn’t have anything left when I get home at night. Just want to take a long cold shower and pass out in my bed but somehow needed to cook something. I maybe tired but I need sustenance. And the long cold shower always does wonders, wakes me up and gives me a little strength. Anyway, if I can have a lazy girl’s meal, then I can have a tired girl’s meal too and with confidence that it is delicious as always.

Pulled Pork Tacos or Tacos De Carnitas with Red Cabbage Slaw

Sorry for the limited pictures. I only took a couple but I'll do this again and make up. The message was received clearly by my foodie mind despite the short notice. Tacos de Carnitas, tired or not but I skipped the brining part and even did a short cut via the pressure cooker. The kitchen smells wonderful when I started baking it in the oven. I almost forgot, I baked some sweet potato fries drizzled with olive oil, then tossed with a little cracked black pepper, a little salt, grated Parm and parsley flakes. Sorry for not taking a picture. The red cabbage slaw is really refreshing. I made a honey and apple cider vinegar dressing with a little salt and red pepper flakes. It was a nice deviation from the usual salsa, sour cream, chopped onion and cilantro and cheese toppings. This repertoire needs a repeat.

Look what I did to our left over chocolates!

Did we buy so much chocolates or the trick or treaters were scared of our decorations last Sunday night? Only the gutsy and the game ones braved the darkness and sound effects in our driveway and came for treats- which left us with bags of chocolates. I don’t even know what these munchies are called but anyway, I was able to make use of our bags of M & Ms, chocolate kisses and hugs. This is a real easy one. Even a little kid can make these with very little supervision. My cousin who told me how to make them didn’t tell me what they’re called and I guess it’s not really important. Just line your sheet cake pan with parchment paper, arrange mini pretzels maybe an inch apart- they will not increase in size anyway; top with a kiss or a hug, pop in the preheated at 350 degrees F and just allow the chocolates to soften. Then, top each with an M & M and push them gently. Allow to cool or refrigerate if you want just to let the chocolate set once more and enjoy the salty, chocolaty and sweet treats but beware, they’re so addictive.


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