A sinful breakfast sandwich

A happy, beautiful and sunny Saturday morning everyone! I'm taking a break from oatmeal and cereal for breakfast today. For a change, I made a sandwich which may be cholesterolific but soooo good and worth being bad sometimes. I want a meaty breakfast on English muffins with egg and some slaw to balance the saltiness of the meat. I have spicy Italian sausage in the fridge and slaw salad, some eggs and cheese. Perfect! I have everything. So I grabbed my griddle and went about the sinful task of cooking the ingredients of my breakfast sandwich. Every bite is worth it -- so yummy. I guess when you try to shy away from fatty food as much as you can in your effort to be healthy, the next time you sort of throw all caution to the wind and just be carefree and indulge in something, whatever it is would taste just heavenly....ha ha ha!
I get the spice from the sausage, the creaminess from the egg and cheese, the hearty multi-grain muffin and the sweet and tang from the slaw which is shredded cabbage, sweet pickle relish, pineapple tidbits, mayo and a little sugar.

Took a picture of what would be the last bite of my delish sandwich while blogging.


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